Ultrasound Equipment for PHCs

Ultrasound procedures are incredibly effective in demonstrating life to the abortion-minded women who walk into your center. At Innovative Imaging, we offer the most cost-effective and highest image quality possible to pregnancy help centers through Esaote North America. This equipment has been vetted and distributed for years by Innovative Imaging, where we share in your mission to save the unborn.

About Esaote North America

Innovative Imaging has distributed equipment from Esaote North America for decades. The equipment is regularly vetted for strong image quality and cost-effectiveness. Esaote continues to lead in innovative ultrasound technology that proves effective in pregnancy help centers across the nation. Esaote North America does not sell any of its ultrasound equipment to abortion providers. They are a true Pro Life organization.

MyLab™ X5

MyLab X5

The  MyLab™ X5 ultrasound machine is equipped with a 21.5” HD monitor with touch screen interface capabilities. The control panel height and rotation are fully adjustable, while the XView Speckle reduction algorithm optimizes image quality for the viewer. The stellar image quality is scalable to 3D/4D software. It also includes the option of creating customizable tables and reports and the peripherals include IP110 Canon Inkjet Printer and Sony Thermal printer.

Pricing may be obtained by a quote from Esaote through Innovative Imaging Technology.  IIT is the exclusive vendor for Esaote to all pregnancy help centers across the United States.

MyLab™ X7

The MyLab™ X7 is the most advanced in ultrasound imaging thanks to XLight 3D/4D technology. XLight guarantees ultra-realistic images of the forming baby, no matter the level of amniotic fluid or the baby’s stage or positioning. Offering stunning images of the baby’s face, as well as detailed volume representation and all the tools you need for 3D/4D technology, this equipment is completely state of the art and excels at displaying what’s truly inside the womb.

High-class performance in a compact size, the MyLab™ Seven efficiently produces stellar imagery at quick speeds, ensuring the number of clients who need your services are seen in a timely manner. This machine is also compatible with a wide range of probes, designed ergonomically for user comfort and ease.

For more information, like pricing, on the MyLab™ X7 from Esaote North America, contact Innovative Imaging today. We also offer a selection of pre-used ultrasound machines for pregnancy help centers.

MyLab™ Sigma

  • 15.6″ LED swiveling monitor with full-screen mode
  • Two probe connectors on-board
  • XView speckle reduction algorithm optimizes image quality
  • 1-8 MHz convex matrix probe with the unique apple probe ergonomic design 
  • 3-9 MHz EV matrix probe with up to 200°FOV
  • HD-CRM and XFlow ultra-sensitive color and power doppler mode
  • Battery pack * Windows 10 OS
  • Dedicated measurement and reports including standard authors * Customizable tables and reports
  • Scalable to 3D/4D software
  • DICOM structured report
  • Wireless connectivity, 500 GB hard disk and USB storage
  • MyLabDesk workstation for reviewing and reporting from an external PC
  • Peripherals include IP110 Canon Inkjet Printer and Sony Thermal Printer
  • 5 years warranty on the mainframe and 3 years on probes

Innovative Imaging is proud to offer ultrasound machines exclusively to pregnancy help centers across the nation. If you’re interested in learning more about the ultrasound equipment provided by Esaote North America, Innovative Imaging would love to hear from you. Contact us today for more information.